Silja K. Agnarsdóttir – enska

Silja K. Agnarsdóttir, Lawyer – Associate


Lawyer, Associate at JS Law Firm from 2018
Lawyer at Debtors´ Ombudsman 2011-2018
BBA Legal, law firm 2011
Forum Law Office / Tort injury claims 2008-2009


University of Iceland, Faculty of Law, mag. jur., 2010
Uppsala University, Exchange Studies, 2009
University of Iceland, Faculty of Law, B.A. 2008
The Commercial College of Iceland, 2005


Lectures on Privacy issues and Data Protection legislation (GDPR)
Lectures and education on behalf of Debtors´ Ombudsman
Lecturer, Iðan Education Center, 2017-2018
Lecturer on Social Legislation at the University of Iceland, 2017

Other activities:

Board of Orator law students association 2007-2008